Animal Medical Centre Malta

The Malta Animal Medical Center had an old website that disappeared overnight! Flowr rushed to create a brand new one, compatible with all screen sizes. Find out the what and how of a brand new website for this veterinary clinic in Malta!


animal medical centre malta responsive mockup 1

Dr. Royston had started building a website on her own in her spare time. Once the clinic was up and running, she assumed the site was up and running, only to realize a few months later that her site was completely gone. She had no idea how to solve their problem. The first task was to get the old website back up and running and untangle all the passwords, logins, and multiple platforms that needed to be coordinated: hosting, domain, company email... Dr. Royston was overwhelmed by the number of people to contact and the technical aspect of restoring the Malta Animal Medical Center website. Once that was resolved, we took a look at the existing site. While it did what someone with a completely different skill set can do, there was much that could be improved. The main problems identified were:
  • Graphics do not display well
  • Missing content
  • The website does not work on tablets and cell phones
  • Images too big
  • Content in images rather than text, and therefore not indexable by Google
  • No social proof
  • No clear call to action
  • No links to social media

1. The challenge

Understand the needs.

2. The objectives

Set clear objectives.

We agreed that the goal was to create a clean, clear website where information is easy to find and with a clear call to action to make an appointment at the clinic. To invite people to book online, we first had to make sure the website could be found. You've probably already read our favorite SEO joke: "The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google". Every minute, 380 websites are created in the world. That's 22,800 websites per hour, or 547,200 new websites created every day. If people can't find your site, you'll simply get buried in the giant vortex of the web. We then determined that the page had to be indexable by Google by providing quality content and performing some search engine optimization.
After analyzing the existing content, we scoped the new website structure and wrote a proposal of all the elements we thought should be on the page to convert it well. The elements we identified were the following:
  • One page with enough content and an adequate structure rather than several pages without content
  • Easy-to-click information on the subtitle, so visitors see the contact information and appointment button first
  • Links to social media accounts to post Dr. Royston's work
  • A graphic identity in line with the existing logo
  • Insertion of social proof via testimonials posted on the page
  • A detailed schedule of opening hours that can be indexed by search engines
  • A fully responsive page to be accessible on all screen sizes
The website was built locally before being transferred to the existing web address to avoid any maintenance messages.

The methodology

Follow the method.

4. The solutions

What have we done for them.

We merged and redistributed existing content to create a cohesive structure. Because there was too little information available, we searched the web and existing social sites for testimonials and photos, and asked Dr. Royston to write down some content, including an introduction to the team to put a human face on the practice. Images were resized and optimized, the structure was clarified, new high-quality images were inserted, the Instagram feed was integrated directly into the site, and multiple calls to action to book were inserted on the page. We also integrated a new dynamic client registration form to save pet owners and Dr. Royston time. Previously, pet owners had to spend 10 minutes upon arrival filling out a detailed form, which was time away from appointments and home visits. With the new online check-in form, Daphne Royston now receives all the necessary information about pets and their owners before they arrive and saves valuable time in her day.