BLC - Bristol Language Centre

The concept of the Social Media Management consists in increasing the visibility of a brand on social networks, in making people talk about it, and in creating a loyal community. This is done by building a communication and content strategy for the company, by creating and distributing this content, and finally, by attracting Internet users via these contents.

Bristol Language Centre is a language school founded in 2004, based in Bristol, which welcomes more than 100 students from all over the world to learn English each year. The school offers personalized and adapted follow-up, online courses, and the possibility of staying with a host family or in a student residence.

We will use as an example here what we have put in place for the Instagram platform. We set our strategy in early February 2020.


Key results between January and our intervention in February

  • Followers : +26
  • Commitment rate: +9.22%
  • Impressions on the account: +9.004
  • Reach on the account: +4.381
Bristol Language Centre (BLC) was experiencing a number of problems with the management of one of their social networking sites, Instagram :
  • The school lacked visibility compared to its competitors.
  • The postings were not regular.
  • The descriptions of the publications were weak and lacked a call to action, which limited interaction with the audience.
  • No commitment to its community has been made. Social networks are an integral part of the virtual world: it is important to keep the human side, to exchange, to dialogue, to share with its community. This creates links, encounters, and thus increases the visibility and traffic of an account.
  • The hashtags under the publications were not adapted to their content, and lacked real targeting.
We also had to analyze who we were addressing, what was the audience of BLC in order to adapt our speech in future publications.

1. The challenge

Understand the needs.

2. The objectives

Set clear objectives.

Our main objective is to increase the visibility of the school.To manage BLC's Instagram account, we will need to:
  • Create a harmonious feed of posted photos, with a common thread
  • Create relevant content, highlighting the school. Varied publications, focusing on the strengths of the school (activities, facilities available...)
  • Targeting the BLC audience
  • List several hashtags in line with the content, to boost the publications
  • Engage with the BLC community, but also with the outside community
After analyzing the different points of improvement, we have implemented the following strategy:
  • Daily and monthly Scheduling of the publications
  • Analysis of the most appropriate time to post, in order to reach the maximum number of people with the new content
  • Write descriptions that include information about the site, highlight the school's assets, activities, student testimonials, etc. In addition, adding a call to action at the end of each post is necessary to create the interaction that was previously missing
  • Engagement on the daily account, to create the links between the brand and the public (internal and external audience)
  • Creating lists of hashtags to boost the visibility of posts. A different list for each type of content added to the Instagram account
  • Analysis of the impact of the best performing publications, with the list of hashtags, the chosen photo, the description...

The methodology

Follow the method.

4. The solutions

What have we done for them.

The strategy established and solutions provided for the management of BLC's Instagram account are as follows:
  • A regular posting frequency, to maintain the attractiveness of the account and its presence on Instagram
  • Daily commitment to grow the community, visibility, and links around it
  • A content adapted to each publication (chosen photo, description and hashtag list)