Malta Offices

Malta Offices is Malta's premier office rental agency. To meet the changing needs of a company, Malta Offices offers the right office space for every company and best of all, an ultra fast service: factors such as size, layout, location, period of entry, duration, facilities required and budget allocation are determined to make the property review and selection process a success.

Malta Offices contacted us for a new website, which was launched at the end of January 2020.


Key results:

  • Performance rating: 100 = +194%
  • Degree of accessibility: 90 = +12.5%
  • Best Practice Score: 100 = +30%
  • Page size: 809 KB = -11
  • Loading time: 321 ms = -62%
  • The loading speed of the Malta Offices site was not optimal. This is one of the first elements that will play on the impression that Internet users get of this agency's website. This directly influenced the traffic of the site, which was low at the time.
  • Optimizing a website also means adapting it to all screens, and thus, making it "responsive": Malta Offices was a website that was not suitable for everyone, and for all screen resolutions.
  • Malta Offices was not ideally placed in search engines. Its content was not optimized, and did not use keywords, which leads to poor SEO.
  • The site did not take into account the situation of each individual, with or without a permanent/temporary disability. The goal is to diversify the user experience as much as possible so that the Malta Offices website is accessible to everyone, which unfortunately was not the case.
  • Malta Offices was not secure: the protection of the user as well as the content of Malta Offices was missing. Securing a website means protecting the data that passes between Malta Offices and its visitors, it also means strengthening the visitor's trust in Malta Offices.

1. The challenge

Understand the needs.

2. The objectives

Set clear objectives.

  • Increased site visibility on search engines, by refining the content, and by inserting several keywords (SEO).
  • An optimal user experience: Malta Offices should be ergonomic, intuitive and clear.
  • Implement a strategy to optimize the conversion rate between visitors and customers: good position of the action buttons, give a professional image of the site, a responsive site.
  • Optimization of the site's display speed: we need to reduce cart abandonment due to slow loading, and also help improve the SEO of Malta Offices.
  • We first understood what mistakes were made that made the Malta Offices website not optimized. This told us what to focus on first: in this case, the loading time of the page, the accessibility or the size of the page were improved in priority, to have a global performance index of the ideal site.
  • Studying user behavior on the Malta Offices site has helped us understand what is going right and what is going wrong, in order to find the main avenues on how to improve their experience.
  • It was also important to identify the key metrics (KPI's) that allowed us to measure the performance of the site. Measuring audience, conversions, and retention was necessary. Indeed, it helped us to observe what flaws are present, in terms of content or visual.

The methodology

Follow the method.

4. The solutions

What have we done for them.

  • An SEO boost has been put in place to give visibility to the Malta Offices website.
  • Publish regular fresh content that attracts traffic to the Malte Offices website and improve its natural referencing, especially with the "News" section: a rich and deep website!
  • Creation of call-to-actions on the site: encourage the user to contact Malta Offices, right from the home page.
  • A clear offer in 3 points on the homepage: find your space, change your space, and contact Malta Offices for your personal case.