Site coach sportif : Coach Glaubeson

A website redesign from Wix to WordPress by modernizing the content, the graphic identity, simplifying the offer, and with a big SEO boost! 

Sports coach website, Glaubeson Ramos

Key results


Number of organic visitors


Impressions in search results


Gain positions on the target SEO query

The challenges.

A sports coach website optimized to boost activity! Coach Glaubeson created his website under the Wix platform. 

He wanted to create it himself with a simple structure: classic home page with header + static footer and a footer that informs about Glaubeson's career present on all pages.

He contacted us for several reasons: 

  • He wanted to modernize his image and update his content 
  • He was tired of paying the monthly recurring fees induced by Wix 
  • He wanted to work on his SEO to attract more customers organically


  • The accommodation was expiring
  • The Wix platform does not allow to develop the design of the site according to the customer's wish
  • Wix did not allow an optimal referencing of the site
Visual of the old website of coach Glaubeson

The solutions of the site coach sportif.

  • Creation of a new site under WordPress
  • Optimization of the site structure: fusion of my coaching and services pages, harmonization of formulas, optimized navigation
  • Use of meaningful and motivating photos that allow the client to identify with them
  • Effective SEO
  • Textual content to build customer confidence
  • Use of clear iconography to highlight Glaubeson's qualities
  • Resumption of the content of presentation of the course of Glaubeson, whose atypical history brings him an immediate sympathy
  • Use of moving polygons to bring dynamism and modernity to the site

Site coach sportif : Coach Glaubeson








  • Website redesign
  • Migration from Wix to WordPress
  • Editorial
  • Strategy and optimization of referencing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Information gathering, advice and project management

sports coach website : Glaubeson Ramos

The results.

In 3 months for the sports coach website :

Positioning growth on the target keyword: +27 positions

Increase in visitors : +72.7% 

Impressions in search results : +212.1% 

Number of organic visitors : +457.1%

results redesign of sports coach website

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