Call to action

[ Call to Action 🔥 ]

A call to action (or CTA) is a short text that is most often found in a link or button with the goal of encouraging visitors to perform a specific action.
Again, it's relatively simple: people tend to do what they are told!
The purpose of a call to action is to CONVERT.
That's it, the visitors are on your site.
Will they stay there?
Will they buy/request a demo, a quote? Sign up?

Your calls to action should :

  • inspire
  • add value
  • create a sense of urgency
  • dream
But above all...
  • Give the impression that by clicking, your user's problem will be solved!

Some examples of calls to action:

➡️Book now
➡️Click on the link in bio
➡️Send us an email
➡️Commence your journey
➡️Buy now
➡️Discover (the collection, the series, the promo)
➡️Tell us what you think
➡️Get X using promo code
➡️Start for...
➡️Share to unlock the rest
➡️Write to us to get...
➡️Save time
➡️Save money
➡️Free space
➡️Unlock my bonus
➡️Get my free guide

The list is endless, as long as your visitors click!
Good writing ☺️