Call to action

[ Call to Action ? ]

A call to action (or CTA) is a short text that is most often present in a link or a button with the aim of inciting visitors to perform a specific action.
Again, it's relatively simple: people tend to do what they are told!
The purpose of a call to action is to CONVERT.
That's it, visitors are on your site.
Will they stay there?
Will they buy/request a demo, a quote? Sign up?

Your calls to action should:

  • inspire
  • add value
  • create a sense of urgency
  • to make people dream
But above all...
  • Give the impression that by clicking, your visitor's problem will be solved!

Some examples of calls to action:

Book now
Click on the link in bio
Send us an email
Start your journey
Buy now
Discover (the collection, the series, the promo)
Tell us what you think
Get X by using the promotional code
Start for?
Share to unlock the suite
Write to us to get?
Save time
Save money
Free up space
Unlock my bonus
Get my free guide

The list is endless, as long as your visitors click!
Good writing ??