What is a newsletter plugin?

[What is a newsletter plugin? 💌]

What is a newsletter plugin? What is it for and when should I implement it?

A newsletter plugin is an email capture form on your website. It offers users to fill in their email address and stores them in a list on the platform of your choice (such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign...).

We highly recommend setting up an email capture:

✔ Email marketing is THE marketing format that converts the most
✔ A list allows you to identify your users and learn more about them
✔ You don't have to set up a newsletter right away, you can for example create a freebie (= free content for your visitors that offers them value in exchange for their email) in order to build your list of targeted prospects over time and be able to send them back when you are ready
✔ A newsletter is a permanent source of traffic to your website and allows you to keep in touch with your customers and prospects
The newsletter plugin can be set up, technically and visually configured when the site is created, but hidden at first according to your wishes. However, we can only recommend that you set it up from the beginning to create a database from the start.