Optimization of contact forms:

Generate more qualified leads with your contact forms! ?

?? Keep your form fields concise.

?? If you have a shorter and easier to fill out form, you will see an increase in conversion, and an increase in leads?


Dozens of case studies show that when you have 10 or more fields, your conversion rate drops dramatically?

So :?

The landing pages that convert have forms with five or fewer fields.

Afterwards, there is a middle ground: If you have too few fields,?

you could have less qualified prospects and I understand that it is annoying...?

... but look at the long term. This gives you the opportunity to know other channels (emailing, retargeting, facebook...)??....

As the conversion rate improves to 50% by going from 5 to 3 fields, 3 fields is somehow the ideal number for the best conversions.

???? Additional tips for a higher conversion rate ????

Be sure to incorporate your call to action button throughout your website...

If you have a long landing page with a lot of content, make sure you incorporate this call to action throughout the page.

Provide the ability to click, fill out the referral form or make a purchase online so that it is always visible to visitors, without having to scroll up or down to find it...

?? You always need to find room on the screen, no matter what device you're using, to display your call to action, no matter what you want your users to do. Buy, contact, request a quote... tell them what the next step is and make it easy for them to take!?




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