responsive optimization of landing pages

Make sure your landing page displays perfectly on all screen sizes.

Responsive landing page optimization:

Building a landing page and not optimizing it for small screens is like buying a great gift for a friend and not giving it to them 😅⠀.


Almost 60 % of web traffic is on mobile 😁 📲⠀.

Yes, your reader can be on public transportation 🚌, in bed 🛌, or even in the bathroom 🚽 🙈⠀


✔️ Be sure to test your content on all major screen sizes⠀.

✔️ You can do this with a browser extension like Responsive Web Design Tester from @esolutions Or Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester by @gabehodges⠀.

✔️ We are big fans of @responsinator for a while now, it's a website where you can simply enter your url and see how your page displays on multiple screens. Simple and easy, the more technophile will appreciate the fact that it has the inspector and code editing capabilities enabled!⠀