Detecting AI-written text in essays and emails. Their analysis is based on a combination of Open AI's existing Roberta base model for GPT detection and our own proprietary models.

Why use CheckForAI ?

CheckForAI is an innovative content monitoring tool that provides a comprehensive solution for businesses concerned about their online reputation. It uses advanced machine learning techniques to identify inappropriate content, such as hate speech, misinformation, violent images, sensitive information and images of children, that can damage a company's reputation.

The tool monitors online conversations, brand mentions, hashtags and trends to help businesses understand their online presence. Users can also set up alerts to be notified immediately when inappropriate content is detected, allowing them to react quickly to protect their reputation.

CheckForAI also offers performance analytics to help businesses understand their online impact and identify opportunities to improve their presence. Users can track their brand statistics, such as number of mentions, most popular hashtags and trends, to help develop an effective content strategy.

In addition, CheckForAI is easy to use and offers an intuitive user interface for users. It is also compatible with a variety of social media platforms and websites, allowing businesses to effectively monitor their online presence across multiple channels.

Key benefits of CheckForAI

CheckForAI also offers performance analysis to help companies understand their online impact and identify opportunities to improve their presence.



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