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The All in One Store for the CheatSheets developer. Composed of 300+ ChearSheets organized from over 230 source ...

Why use Code House ?

The concept of Code House is to bring developers and programmers together in a common workspace to work on projects together. The goal is to create a community of people who are passionate about programming and encourage them to collaborate and learn from each other.

The first Code House was established in 2015 in San Francisco, California, and since then many others have sprung up around the world. The model has been very successful and has been embraced by many developers and programmers looking to work in a collaborative and stimulating environment.

There are several different types of Code Houses, depending on the length of stay and the level of commitment required. Some Code Houses are open for short periods of time and are intended for developers who just want to spend a few days working on a project together. Other Code Houses are designed to be long-term workspaces, where members can stay for many months and work on longer-term projects.

Code House operations are generally based on self-management, with members responsible for managing the workspace and organizing events and workshops. This allows members to take charge of their own learning and get involved in the life of the community.

In addition to working on projects together, Code Houses often offer events such as conferences, workshops and hackathons to encourage learning and collaboration. These events are open to all and allow members to meet and work with other passionate developers and programmers.

There are many benefits to joining a Code House. First, it offers the opportunity to work in a collaborative and stimulating environment with other people who are passionate about programming. This can be especially beneficial for developers and programmers who work alone and are looking to expand their professional network. In addition, it allows you to benefit from the collective experience and knowledge of the community and to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the programming world.

Key benefits of Code House

Easy integration with other tools: Code House allows easy integration with other development tools, including configuration management tools, project management tools, debugging tools, and deployment tools.


The All in One Store for the CheatSheets developer. Composed of 300+ ChearSheets organized from over 230 source ...

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