Plus Jamais Seul

The Plus Jamais Seul project is an initiative established by the singer Hazerka and the footballer Jonathan Matijas  to help young students who are being bullied in the schoolyard.

Plus Jamais Seul, website against school bullying created by Flowr Agency for the singer Hazerka

Every year, more than 700,000 students are bullied in France. The consequences of this bulling can be disastrous. Hazerka, a former victim, has been fighting against school bullying for years. Having already created her website with the agency Hazerka.comHe contacted us again to help him create a new website Plus Jamais Seul.

The site dedicated to information, mutual aid, and support complements the ever-growing Instagram page, which today already has more than 74,000 followers.

In France, young students who are bullied are usually alone and have no one to talk to about their daily problems and their uneasiness. Sometimes they do not realize that it is bullying, which unfortunately can have serious repercussions on their future lives if it is not dealt with in time.

It was therefore time to shed light on what bullying is and the consequences it can have on victims and those around them.

Key info

A simple site that aims to inform and empower


Created and put online in 10 days

Support for the book launch in bookstores and for the communication campaign

The challenges.

In May 2020, following the completion of 2 other sites with the singer Hazerka, he mentions the project Plus Jamais Seul (Never Again Alone) for which the eponymous book is being written. The site is still an unfinished project for which it is necessary to direct the collection of information and the page structure. 

In particular, we discussed the content and guide the needs: explanations of school bullying, key figures, definitions and how to enable young people to get help anonymously and immediately. The elements take a long time to combine and finally arrived only in mid-September for a site that must be online on the 23rd for the the book release!  

⚠️ Act, quickly! 

⚠️ Give visibility 

⚠️ Guide the collection and writing of content. 

⚠️ Provide a platform for harassed youth.

Plus Jamais Seul, website against school bullying created by Flowr Agency for the singer Hazerka

The solutions.

  • Choice of the graphic charter materialized thanks to the red and black logo previously designed
  • Use of vectors to accentuate identification and allow each young person in difficulty to find themselves in the visuals concerned
  • Selection of a strong visual for the landing page so that visitors remember the site
  • The choice of colours (red, black, grey, beige) was made to give a sense of urgency, insecurity and danger to the visitors.
  • The handwritten font was inserted later in the design process to add a youthful, dynamic feel that was more appropriate for the audience we wanted to impact.
  • The messenger chat plugin has been set up to connect victims of bullying with leaders of the Plus Jamais Seul page via Facebook Messenger, with the option to remain completely anonymous.
  • Emergency numbers and the government website have been promoted to provide more solutions and to encourage people to seek help
  • A comprehensive interactive timeline explains the process of a harassment complaint in a simple way

Plus Jamais Seul








  • WordPress website creation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Editorial
  • Help in structuring and collecting information
  • Design and graphic identity


A simple site that aims to inform and empower, created and put online in 10 days.Given the short deadlines, we asked to take the lead on the global graphic identity in accordance with the colors of the logo and decided to add elements such as the different types of harassment and the Messenger chat with anonymization option.

The result.

The site went live on September 22, 2020, just before the book was released. 

Discover the site and talk about it around you: talking about bullying in schools is the way to stop it.

Plus Jamais Seul, website against school bullying created by Flowr Agency for the singer Hazerka

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