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YB-serrurier-13-marseille is a locksmith company based in Marseille 13009. They offer all types of services related to locksmithing, including night services in Marseille and its 16 districts.
They came to Flowr about a performance issue related to their website. It was poorly referenced and poorly optimized.

Natural referencing YB Locksmith Marseille

Key results


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From the first month

The challenges.

  • A website full of bugs, slow, poorly built, and poorly optimized for SEO
  • A small budget, with the constraint of daily spending on AdWords to get visits to the site
  • Unstructured pages, with obsolete expertise
  • No local SEO by district or neighborhood in place
  • No mention of night services
  • Responsive issues for all screen sizes
  • A contact form that led to an unreadable email address
  • The client had a website that was very poorly positioned, he called Flowr Agency because he wanted to increase his visibility in Marseille to catch up with his competitors.

The solutions.

Our approach:

  • Website audit and analysis of the existing natural referencing on the website
  • Competitive analysis: competitive situation using SemRush software + analysis of direct competitors' websites
    Technical SEO in parallel: repair of all bugs, optimization, performance improvement
  • List of target queries to position yourself on
  • Content plan (creation of new pages) + optimization and improvement of existing content + Creation of 16 pages for "locksmith Marseille + district ".
  • Analysis and recommendations

Our organization:

  • To start the project and understand how to proceed, we conducted a complete SEO audit of the website as well as a competitive intelligence on the actors present in Marseille.
  • We determined that in order to achieve our goals, we needed to create new pages to target specific keywords perform qualified copywriting and linking. Each page was created with a specific goal in mind, and each page is designed to address specific search intents. This approach allows to structure the website to make it more efficient.

Our actions :

Concerning concretely the realization of our actions, we have set up :

  • SEO optimized content writing
    - improvement of the elements
    - SEO optimized writing (page improvement)
    home, footer, district pages)
    - link placement
    - creation and indexing of new pages by
    district of Marseille (16 districts)
  • Optimization of the site performance
  • Repair of Elementor backend content and responsive errors, bug fixes

YB Locksmith Marseille - Natural referencing








  • Editorial
  • Referencing
  • Optimization
  • Website redesign
  • Strategy and optimization of referencing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Ergonomics (UX/UI)

The results.

In 1 month:

  • +527% keywords in 30 days
  • +925% of keywords since the launch of the project
  • 58% of the keywords are commercial keywords
  • Commercial keywords generate 68% of site traffic
  • 1ʳᵉ Google position for "locksmith Marseille night" with optimized rich snippet
  • Site performance rate increased from 43 to 90


In short:

Regarding the customer's return:
We kept a warm contact with the customer. He thanked us many times.

Regarding numbers and performance goals:
As developed above, the objectives in terms of SEO are achieved with a clear increase in traffic and keywords. The objectives related to the technical performance of the site are also achieved. The site continues to improve its natural referencing, even after the collaboration. Its positions improve on the existing keywords every week.

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Performance techniques.

The pictures below show the evolution of the website's performance after Flowr has done the testing of the website.


Capture decran 2022 07 01 a 14.58.40 YB Serrurier Marseille - Référencement naturel 2024


Screenshots 2023 01 04 a 14.37.21 YB Serrurier Marseille - Référencement naturel 2024

Performance research.

Search results for " Locksmith Marseille "

The pictures below show the evolution of the website's performance after Flowr optimized the organic referencing

Capture decran 2022 07 12 a 11.30.48 YB Serrurier Marseille - Référencement naturel 2024
Natural referencing website WordPress Locksmith Marseille

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